Streatham Hill East

Meet Your Candidates

Rezina Chowdhury

Rezina has lived in Streatham Hill for almost 20 years. She was active in the community prior to being elected through volunteering at her local school, campaigning for the development of the Megabowl, A23 traffic calming and tackling anti-social behaviour. She has helped those who would otherwise have struggled to have their voice heard, installing accessibility ramps for wheelchair users, parking bays for those with mobility issues, accelerating housing repairs or helping parents with school entry. Rezina will ensure council and leasehold residents are served well and challenge the poor state of repairs by contractors. She will continue to work to improve our community:more green spaces, safer streets, healthier public realm, supporting local businesses, better sports, and play at Hillside Gardens Park and cleaner air. Rezina will work hard to ensure the health and wellbeing of those in Streatham Hill by actively engaging with and listening to residents.

Liz Atkins

Liz has lived in Streatham Hill for over 30 years. A councillor since 2014, she has worked hard to help local residents secure decent housing – ensuring repairs are carried out for council tenants, challenging rogue private landlords and supporting those facing homelessness. With the police and local residents she has tackled anti-social behaviour in Streatham Hill – from dealing with threatening neighbours to ensuring groups of aggressive street drinkers are moved on. Liz will continue to listen to local people prioritising their concerns and ensuring that their voices are heard by the Council. Her priority is to ensure Streatham Hill provides a safe, healthy and family friendly environment in which everyone can thrive.