Standing up for renters in Lambeth

Lambeth, like most of London, is in the depths of an unprecedented housing crisis. Private renters in our borough have had a raw deal – with rising rents, over-crowding and a cycle of insecure tenancies. Most renters are unable to save for a deposit to own a home of their own while landlords profit from […]

Making Lambeth the best place to grow up

Lambeth’s children and young people deserve the best start in life. Despite a decade of Conservative cuts and the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Labour has worked hard to support our children and young people. We have: Supported our fantastic schools – we’ve invested more than £6 million in improving school facilities, with 95% of […]

Lambeth Labour Está Do Seu Lado

Claire Holland, Líder de Lambeth Labour (Partido Labour em Lambeth) com Paulo Pisco (Deputado do PS para o Círculo da Europa) e Diogo Costa (Candidato a Vereador de Oval pelo Partido Labour)

Nas últimas eleições, os Trabalhistas (Partido Labour) tiveram a honra de ter sido encarregados de dirigir o Município de Lambeth. Apesar de uma década de cortes por parte dos Conservadores e dos impactos devastadores da pandemia de Covid-19, cumprimos o nosso dever. Na quinta-feira, 5 de Maio, pedimos-lhe que confie novamente em nós e vote […]

Lambeth Labour está de su lado

Concejales latinoamericanos haciendo campaña para el Partido Laborista

En las últimas elecciones, el Partido Laborista tuvo el honor de que se les confiara la gestión de la Municipalidad de Lambeth. A pesar de una década de recortes por parte del gobierno Conservador y los impactos devastadores de la pandemia de Covid-19, hemos cumplido con usted. El jueves 5 de Mayo le pedimos que […]

Removing choice for women is a rollback of rights

Cllr Lucy Caldicott is the joint-Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care and a councillor in Stockwell ward. As we emerge from, or learn to live with, the pandemic, it is important to keep the changes that were made out of necessity but have been proven to be working well. One of these is […]

100 Achievements of Labour in Lambeth

Over the last four years, your Labour council has delivered on the promises that we made to you in 2018. In ‘100 Achievements of Labour in Lambeth Since 2018’, you can read about how we have delivered on our commitments to improve conditions for private renters, invest in young people, reduce air pollution and tackle […]

Labour fields most diverse set of candidates ever for Lambeth elections

Lambeth labour has announced its full slate of candidates for the borough’s local elections on Thursday 5th May 2022, and it’s our most diverse set of candidates ever. Labour is standing 63 candidates across all 25 of the new wards in Lambeth. Of our 63 candidates, almost half are women (49%) and over 40% are candidates […]