Stop Tory Bus Cuts

Our local bus routes are under threat following years of underfunding by this Conservative Government.
Under current plans, drawn up by Transport for London (TfL) in response to Tory cuts, the following local buses are affected:

• Route 45 would be completely withdrawn and no longer run at all.
• Route 59 would no longer serve stops between Holmewood Road and Telford Avenue. It would instead extend to Clapham Park via Streatham Place.

The changes would affect a number of other buses which go through Lambeth, including the 133 & N133 – full details of proposed changes can be found at

Tell Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Transport, to provide necessary funding for TfL so that it can continue to run key bus services Londoners depend on.

It is disgraceful that the Conservative Government has cut TfL’s funding by £600 million and has demanded that TfL makes service cuts and increase prices for the funding to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. These cuts to services have been forced on TfL and will only serve to level London down, ensuring that those without a car will struggle to get around the capital. Those who have been affected by the cost of living will have to make more difficult and costly journeys.

This petition is demanding a new, sustainable, long-term settlement for TfL which will ensure that these service cuts are not required.

Together, let’s campaign to save our bus routes from destructive Tory cuts.

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